This module allows you to seamlessly fight the Crusader King 3 in Horseback Riding and Blade 2

If you like the grand strategy of Crusader Kings 3, but want it to have a bit of the magic of total war and allow you to fight in real time from the map, then there is a model that can do this.this Crusader’s Blade The mod takes your army composition in Crusader Kings 3, transfers them to Mount & Blade 2: Overlord, and lets you fight there. Then it sends the result back, and you continue your CK3 activity from where you left off.

This is a brilliant idea. Watching the video, it seems to work surprisingly well. The possible large-scale conflicts in CK3 must be proportionally represented by the smaller forces of M&B2, but it is obvious that an archer in a total war cannot represent a single person.