This new Dwarf Fortress video makes me more excited about the graphics update than ever

I have been very patient since March 2019 when Tarn Adams, the creator of Dwarf Fortress Announce The game will enter Steam with a brand new graphical interface. Since then, Adams has released a steady stream of updated videos and screenshots showing the work in progress, but this latest video finally allowed me to start grasping with my hands and saying “Now give it to me” on my monitor. A large-scale transformation of the Dwarf Fortress is being sought-just as importantly, sound-excellent.

Dwarf Fortress is known for using ASCII symbols instead of art, but it also has a very sparse soundtrack, with only two songs, played by Adams on an acoustic guitar. The Steam version of the game is expanding the music and graphics, and the 10-minute soundtrack in this new video is almost intoxicating. It starts with an equally sparse acoustic guitar, then layered in atmospheric touch and exciting crescendo. I don’t know who is making the soundtrack, but it reminds me of the music composed by the composer Darren Korb for Supergiant Games. I mean it’s a compliment.