This Resident Evil Village mod shows that Capcom doesn’t love Ethan Winters’ hands

Sure, the internet was making a fuss about the Big Tall Vampires with Lady Dimitresk, but don’t forget the poor Ethan Winters. In both Resident Evil 7 and Village, Capcom loves to pass Ethan’s numbers through Ringer, but mods bring the character (and his hands) a love that developers don’t. Yes, there is a Resident Evil Village mod that reaches out to Ethan. The Lord knows he has experienced enough …

In Resident Evil Village, Ethan loses his fingers, hands, and sanity. The former point is absolutely true, though not as much as the last part. I don’t know what Capcom dislikes about Ethan, but the poor boy is well experienced. That’s where this Resident Evil Village mod comes in.

The mod itself is simple (console mods are for PC as they are still mostly limited to Bethesda titles). It returns Ethan’s bitten finger, which he lost quite early in the game. Is this an amazing mod? Disagreeable. Did I enjoy writing it because I hated Ethan too much? Yup.

If you are interested, you can download this repair experience Here Use Nexus Mods.

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