This Skyrim Mod offers Grandma Shirley as a follower

Shirley Curry, also known as Grandma Shirley, is an 82-year-old gamer who has been loved by the gaming community since the debut of the YouTube channel in 2015. Things RPG. In her myriad walk-through footage of streaming, she is unofficially a complex presence in the Elder Scrolls franchise. Fans want her to appear as an official character in The Elder Scrolls 6 because she’s so important to the community! We’re looking forward to the news of The Elder Scrolls 6, but one of Skyrim’s mods is Shirley Love. Will be provided at a slightly earlier stage.

Grandma Shirley mod is simply called Shirley-Skyrim Follower Mod And do exactly what the name means. “My beloved Skyrim grandma, Shirley Curry, is finally in the game as a follower you can hire,” says Mod’s list. She takes part in your adventure, but don’t expect her to just carry your burden! She has more personality than all of her vanilla followers combined. grandmother! ”

Everyone’s favorite grandma was delighted to hear about this project last year. Not only did she like the idea, she agreed to fully express her character! This is Shirley’s true experience. Because we all need a little more health in our lives.

If you haven’t checked her yet, her entire YouTube channel It’s nothing but magic. Grandma Shirley’s video of her calm voice and effortlessly challenging the landscape of Tamriel is almost hypnotic and is a pure pleasure to watch from start to finish. She feels like a family, we are her grandchildren, and I love her all.

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Think about Skyrim’s grandma Shirley mod, do you have a bet when you can get the news of the highly coveted Elder Scrolls 6? Please shout out your thoughts in the comments section below. !!