This Super Mario Sunshine mod adds a new world, a new story and a huge Stu

A group of modules released The first major presentation Super Mario Eclipse, A fan remake and expansion of the original “Super Mario Sunshine”.

The problematic module team, Level Select, described Eclipse as “partial beta recovery, part enhancement, part original module and all fan services” with new story content. The complete game plan includes new missions, a fully customized world, secret challenge courses and an interconnected Delfino Island map. They also added new playable characters such as Luigi and Shadow Mario, as well as new mechanisms such as Super Jump and Magic Brush.

New location in Super Mario Eclipse mod. (Image source: level selection module team/Super Mario Eclipse)

I spent a few minutes reviewing the demo. Although it is definitely still a WIP, many of the small details that make Mario Sunshine a classic game block still exist. There is nothing better than floating in the air through a FLUDD hose or sliding on your abdomen.

I also found a very peculiar history of Mario in the Eclipse demo. Initially, Sunshine will have a huge two-legged version of Strollin’ Stu called “Trumplin’ Stu”. It was removed from the final game, but its files can still be found in the game code. After a lap, I turned around and saw this terrible monster swimming towards me.

Our Lady of Mario. (Image source: level selection module team)

The demo has a center with access to Sunshine-level entertainment activities, including Delfino Plaza and Ricco Harbour. There are also several new levels in the work, including a mountain road called Erto Rock, which gives you a bird’s eye view of the entire island. There is even a strange monkey ball themed level with obstacle courses.