This true crime show for gamers featuring Discord Detectives is definitely a way to spend 2 hours

Perfect World: Deadly Game is a true crime documentary about a group of gamers who help catch a killer through MMOs and Discord in 2019. Peacock Premium’s two-episode show isn’t clich├ęd — video game violence isn’t conflated with real-life violence or anyone explaining video games or even what — but there isn’t much else going on either.

The mini-series focuses on a group of friends playing on a private server based on the Chinese MMO Perfect World. Like many niche gaming communities these days, they use Discord as a place to chat outside of gaming every day. One of the members who used the handle “Menhaz” was a recurring troll that no one took seriously until he posted multiple photos of dead bodies and claimed they were his family.the show tells you unforgettable story A group of gamers quickly realize that one of their friends is a mass murderer, and they race to try to identify him.