This true Far Cry 6 watch costs $1,200

Due to her outstanding contribution to this cause, Dani Rojas, the heroine of “Far Cry 6”, was given a very special watch by the revolutionary master (and former Yaran spy master) Juan Cortez: Santos Espinosa, the former president of Yara, saved his life. A watch given to him in 1983. The Khaki Field Titanium automatic winding machine not only maintains the perfect time, but also provides her with a skill that can reduce the damage she receives while sprinting. Also very fashionable!

Do you want to wear such a watch in real life? Do you have $1,200 by your side?Is there absolutely No Otherwise, will the money be spent better than some ridiculous video games? Then you, my friend, will want to see Hamilton’s Khaki Battlefield Titanium Far Cry 6 Limited Edition, “The design is the same as the gaming watch that players can wear in Far Cry 6.”