This year’s top 5 video game characters have coal in their socks

This is the best time of the year: holidays. If you are reading this article, then I am not working now, which is great. My brain happily got rid of thoughts about video games, video game articles, and people who play and read both. I am free. Free at last. Until January.

But asking for a day or two of leave also means filling the site with a lot of pre-written content.No matter what day of the year, the wheels are turning. As a humble worker bee, I’m very happy to be Game informant CMS has an endless need for lists.

So, what should we rank this time? Really, it can be anything. We did not think too much about these-they are very labor-saving, medium to high gain components.You just came up with a few good buzzwords-some things At least Thousands of people will click-write a few hundred words on it and you will get a list. Normally, you want to focus on something timely to take advantage of good SEO or Twitter trends; something that many people are looking for or talking about.

I see! Here are our top five video game characters with coal in stockings this holiday season.

5) Nathan Drake-Uncharted Series

Everyone loves Nathan Drake; he is one of the most iconic heroes in Sony’s growing list of 3A games, and most of these games are boring to play.He is handsome, funny and charming, if you’ve never seen him before Indiana Jones In the movie, he seems to be a completely unique and original character.

But under the appearance of everyone in Drake, there is a deep and dark secret hidden.

Literally, he was a mass murderer. period. Click blank. The whole process of the Uncharted game is that Nathan Drake and his group of happy idiots go to another country, kill a few people in zip codes, and then steal local ancient artifacts. In a media full of condemned behavior, Drake is indeed a special case here.

A simple argument in favor of Drake is that he never kills good or innocent people-or at least not intentionally. I think if you are doing Olympic-level psychological gymnastics, it is okay to kill thousands of people in just ten years, as long as they are “bad guys.”

This cannot be an excuse for plundering a country’s historical relics. This is so appalling that Drake should be tried by the United Nations for his crimes against human history. Our knowledge of the art and technology of ancient civilizations has been regressed for decades by this guy trying to make quick money. Until Naughty Dog released a DLC and Drake returned these artifacts to their legal country, then I refused to take the studio seriously as a video game storyteller. Sorry, I know this is harsh, but as far as the current series is concerned, I cannot ignore this irresponsible narrative.

Nathan Drake is a terrible person. You can quote me. Put coal in that man’s socks.

Postscript: Have you played Uncharted 4? Drake is also a terrible husband, my God.

4) Trevor Phillips-Grand Theft Auto V

He was also a murderer of the massacre.

3) 97.39845% of all characters in modern AAA games

It’s all a big killer! I don’t want to engage in politics here, but I don’t think mass murderers are on Santa’s “good list”. Sorry, this is how I grew up.

Looking at it now, I don’t support the idea that video games can cause violence in the real world—it’s a harmful idea. Right-wing authority figures are disgusting and disgusting. They ignore actual research and restore video games to an art form. I’m not saying that video games are too violent. I love violence. You can quote me.

What I want to say is that when we think about this list-believe me, since I started writing it seven minutes ago, I have considered a lot-if we do this to Nathan Drake and Trevor Phillips The characters are disappointed because they have a tendency to mass murder, so we must also hold all other similar video game characters accountable. If we want video games to be taken seriously as a medium, then we must be willing to criticize our favorite art form, keep it to a higher standard, and expect better returns from it.

That’s why what I’m saying here is: 97.39845% of the characters in modern AAA games have coal in their socks during the holidays this year. There are too many bad boys on the shelves of your local GameStop. They are absent-minded about guns, swords, bombs, etc. Unfortunately for all of them, Santa Claus is skipping their house this year.

(Full disclosure: Game informant Owned by GameStop, however, our parent company has no knowledge of the ranking or evaluation in this article)

2) Cloud Strife – Final Fantasy VII

As my colleague Jason Guisao puts it elegantly:

1) Louse The Mouse-A daze before Christmas

If you have included it on this list, then this list is not surprising. Of course, the video game character that Santa Claus skipped the most this year was Lose the Mouse in Funcom’s 1994 landmark game Daze Before Christmas.

I know I’m preaching to the choir here—everyone says that—but Luce is really a little mouse.Pun completely on purpose. The son of this little gun dared to tear up Christmas gifts all over the world and cursed all the gifts. I swear, if I can get Louse the Mouse by myself, as far as I am doing, you better believe that there will be coal in my socks this year. Just thinking about it makes my blood boil.

Rat lice are a threat to society and a threat to holidays. As a result, he is at the top of our list of video game characters who are most likely to have coal in their socks.

Is our list correct? it is! No need to comment this time; we got it right. Have a good holiday!