THQ Nordic announces “Outcast 2: A New Beginning”

THQ Nordic announced that it will revive the Outcast franchise through the upcoming Outcast 2: A New Beginning. The development work began in 2018, with at least 10 developers from the original Outcast team participating, including the director and art director of the game.

Exile 2 Resurrection Idea comes from The sequel originally scheduled for 1999/2000. The project was put on hold indefinitely due to financial problems with its publisher Infogrames. Appeal Studios is the team behind A New Beginning, hoping to make a product that feels like the heir to a fanatical classic.The appeal is seeking to implement a non-linear narrative An alluring world worth exploring.

Like the first game, Outcast 2 will take place on the planet Adelpha, and players will return to the position of Cutter Slade in 20 years. Due to an accident while escaping from the earth, Slade was turned back in time and found his way back decades later. To keep the world fresh, players will explore different parts of the earth and meet new residents. According to THQ Nordic, combat and sports have been updated. Outcast 2 is essentially a third-person shooter game, with modular weapons being the focus. However, Cutter will also get magic-like “Talan Power” and a new jetpack with enhanced mobility.

Although we have no release date yet, THQ Nordic tells us that Outcast 2 is nearing the end of its “pre-alpha” development phase. This is a good sign and we will see it sooner or later. THQ Nordic and Appeal Studios will release Outcast 2 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Outcast is a game I have missed for years, but over time I heard rumors about it. Do you have any Outcast memories you want to share? How did this game affect you in the late 90s and beyond? Are you excited about the re-emergence of franchise rights? Tell me everything in the comments!