Tiger King 2 A wave of real crime shows released on Netflix in 2021

New season Tiger KingThis documentary appeared to coincide with the moment of this pandemic in March last year. It coincides with how long we will be locked in. It will premiere on Netflix later this year.

The anchor announced the news on Thursday, as well as a series of documentary projects about real crimes, with the following titles Puppet Master: Hunting down the ultimate liar, Tinder liar, Don’t trust anyone: looking for the king of cryptocurrency, with Bad vegetarianThe series and movie will be launched in 2022, but Tiger King 2, As it says, will sneak in before we ring the bell of 2021.

Tiger KingThe seven episodes of the first season documented the competition between the big cat collector and the exhibitor Joe Exotic, who runs the Greater Winnewood Exotic Animal Park in Oklahoma and the Big Cat Rescue in Florida Carole Baskin, the boss of the organization. Between the allegations of Exotic’s animal cruelty and illegal trade, he-said-she-said debates between the two parties, and sensational romantic dramas that seem to exist on both sides, Tiger King It’s a kind of playfulness…There is still a rude violent tendency. Exotic is currently serving 22 years in prison on two counts of murder for hire in connection with his plan to kill Baskin. This drama is very attractive to the audience, One of the best series of streamers In history, Netflix quickly produced the eighth follow-up series hosted by Joel McHale.

Netflix’s exposure turned Exotic and Baskin into tabloid material. During 2020, Exotic publicly campaigned for President Donald Trump’s pardon. Earlier this year, he launched his own cryptocurrency: “$TKING”.At the same time, Baskin appeared in season 29 Dancing with the stars With Nelly. Life!

What else do you want to say about the legend of the Tiger King? Netflix is ​​tight-lipped about the details of the new work, but in Blog on the Netflix website, Adam Del Deo, Vice President of Documentary Series, and Lisa Nishimura, Vice President of Independent and Documentary Films, tried to explain why anchors are focused on sensational documentary content.

“Now, when we explore the scope of true crime, a particularly fascinating area is the pros and cons, scams, and cautionary stories. For example, our series earlier this year robbery Reveals how ordinary people almost escaped extraordinary shortcomings, This is a robbery Checked an unresolved case of art theft, and Cocaine Cowboy: King of Miami Recorded the rise and fall of drug lords […] Whether you want to gain insight into the psychology of scammers, sympathize with victims of scams, or piece together the mystery of an investigation, these crazy stories are often full of surprising twists and unusual perspectives. “

Tiger King 2 It will not be the end of Joe Exotic/Carole Baskin’s revival.John Cameron Mitchell and Kate McKinnon Get ready to play Exotic and Baskin In the NBC/Peacock miniseries, Amazon has its own series of works, which will be played by Nic Cage as Exotic Until the actor is released on bail in July. That might be better. In the future we will have many tiger kings.