TikTokers is using temporary settings to stream video games

When Jack Morrison logs into the live broadcast, he will not start Twitch, Streamlabs OBS, or speak into a beautiful microphone. Instead, he picked up a basic circular mirror and placed it in front of the desktop monitor, facing the screen. Then he sat in front of the monitor and played games as usual, raised his phone to face him and set up his camera to broadcast live.When he starts Apex Legend, The audience will see the gameplay reflected in the mirror when they watch his game.

This temporary setting may be surprising a year ago, because the industry seems to be increasingly concerned about having the latest streaming technology. But this has become a fairly common practice on TikTok, and video game streaming has begun to rise in the past few months. The company stated in September that In total, 1 billion people use the app Every month, jokes and sounds in video games have been widely spread on TikTok. Now Morrison (JackMorrisonTV on TikTok) And other similarly roughly set-up streaming media have taken over the “live” part of the app, attracting up to 2,400 viewers at a time.

TikTok is not a real live media streaming platform. This is a short video application where people can post a variety of shots-from participating in viral memes to developing independent platforms for original content.But TikTok’s kit Live function Has been quietly growing, adding event scheduling and comment filtering options. Although these “live” features are designed for influential people to talk to their followers and hold Q&A sessions, cunning anchors have entered the platform and the huge audience it provides.

Compared with the complex (and expensive) settings that dominate Twitch, these streaming media use low-key settings, where the SLR camera and the capture card that use it can cost more than $800. The exact construction of each TikToker setting is different, but almost all of them capture video via an external camera focused on the screen, or in the case of Morrison, a reflection of the screen. The brief scrolling of the game section of TikTok’s live content shows the ingenuity of these streaming media; some people will play video from a tablet or mobile phone while playing mobile games, while others will just put the camera in front of the screen.Games are also very different, people play games snake, my world, with Wordscape Except like a shooter Appraisal.

Spencer, who Run TikTok account The controller Brick_ser is responsible for building Lego bricks and built his setup using the phone holder ordered by his mother on Amazon.He plays various games, but recently, he started to play from Super Mario 64 DS On the Wii U virtual console. When playing, he puts the phone on the stand, hugs the phone with his arms, and plays with the Wii U controller in front of the camera. Before using TikTok, he tried to go to YouTube, but he didn’t understand, so he quit. He occasionally broadcasts live on Twitch.

“I do Twitch from time to time, but mainly for talking, because Twitch takes longer to set up,” he said. Now, when he broadcasts live, he can broadcast live to up to 380 viewers at a time.

The TikTok stream attracts a large but brief audience. It is easy for viewers to jump from live to live, making it difficult for users to keep their attention. This is largely due to the same elements of the TikTok user interface that make it easy for viewers to find compelling content. Unlike Twitch or YouTube, watching the next video stream on TikTok only needs to move your fingers. TikTok’s interface will also make people feel very crowded on the phone screen, you can easily click on the host’s profile or slide to TikTok’s “For You” page.

In other words, these streams can be useful strategies for attracting viewers to TikToker account profiles. The number of live broadcasts is far less than the wave of short videos launched on the app every day, making them more prominent. It also feels like a more accessible platform, especially for people who are just starting to use streaming media. TikTok anchors are using more basic technologies, such as mirrors and mobile phone holders.It’s also less competitive than Twitch, which has already surpassed Seven million unique streamers Go live every month.

Some savvy users, such as Marrkadams, they Playing Douyin with my son And flow Fort night, And even use the audience as an opportunity to broadcast live to TikTok and Twitch at the same time. If someone sees a mirrored stream on TikTok, they can visit his Twitch channel to watch the stream in a more traditional and beautiful environment. Although Markkadams uses a lower technical setting to broadcast live on TikTok, he also runs a more professional setting for Twitch.

TikTok is also testing monetization features, which may make it more attractive to anchors. Twitch provides creators with a variety of ways to monetize their content, including subscribers and the ability to reward creators. In late October, TikTok started testing its own Tipping function. But for now, TikTok creators must link to other sites to get paid, which makes monetization difficult. Usually, TikTok anchors will place papers with links to their YouTube channels and other social media accounts. On Twitch and YouTube, anchors may use overlays or other digital graphics and their social media handles to build live broadcasts.

“My initial goal was really not to make money. My goal was really just to bring fun and play games to the audience,” Spencer said on Discord. “I choose the game I like to play. If you want to watch me, come and join. If not, well, move on to the next streamer.”

Currently, live streaming seems to be a quick and easy way to take advantage of TikTok’s huge audience. Whether real TikTok streaming stars will appear on the platform or find a sustainable home remains to be seen.