Tinykin looks like a Pikmin-inspired platformer for PC

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PC gamers looking for a fix like Pikmin Tinykin The game, by developer Splashteam, will feature a small protagonist and a small army of beneficial insects (the name Tinykin) at a PC game show on Sunday.

This is the story setting Tinykin:

It was 2748 and Miro rediscovered the Earth! He made a name for himself in history for this achievement, but when he lands on the planet he encounters problems … he is as small as a penny. And no one was gone. And that’s the 90’s.

As Milo, players explore huge homes and use Tinykin to navigate an oversized world, carrying ladders, bridges, objects, and more. As you can see in the game’s debut trailer above, Milo can also jump, skate and grind.

Tinykin Next year it will be available on Windows PCs and unreleased consoles. The developer Splashteam consists of Rayman and a former Ubisoft developer who worked on the Rabbids franchise.