To get huge Twitch spending, you must be one of the top 0.01% of anchors

According to unconfirmed data, xQc is the personal income earner with the highest direct income on Twitch. (Photo: XQc on Twitter) (Image source: xQc)

After a major data breach and online distribution of files, some of Twitch’s internal records are now public. Among other things, these files seem to reveal the revenue that top streamers have earned directly from Twitch streaming in the past two years.

These figures are largely uncontroversial, but they do not necessarily reflect the actual total income of each anchor. Based on what we have heard and what we know about Twitch, the unconfirmed numbers represent each streamer’s channel subscriptions, streaming ads, Bitcoin (viewers can tip the streamer), and possibly Twitch’s built-in “bounty” system , To link the anchor to the sponsorship opportunity. These are just some of the many ways that streamers can make money. They can also negotiate their own sponsorship, sell merchandise, use affiliate links, etc. Well, this leaked ranking of Twitch’s top earners should not be considered definitive.

You need to be the top 0.015% of all streaming media to get the median household income in the U.S. from Twitch’s direct streaming income.