Today’s new gameplay-Age of Empires IV

Age of Empires IV will land this Thursday, but you can join the Game Informer team today to see some giant elephants and have a conversation with the iconic real-time strategic franchise right here today! That’s right, this is another action-packed episode of today’s new game, starring Dan Tucker, Alex Stadnick and John Carson. Come in and enjoy the show.

When Age of Empires IV was launched, there were eight different civilizations, each with many different ways of playing. Do you want to try some aggressive economic expansion like the Mongols, or just build 40 farms and sell all the food on the market in exchange for cash, it’s up to you. In this video, we portray the elephants as the Sultanate of Delhi, because they shattered almost everything.

Age of Empires IV is available on PC and Xbox Game Pass for PC this week. Can it enter the console environment? Traditionally, RTS is difficult to transfer to the console due to the control scheme, but this is not unheard of.