Toem’s delightful and whimsical world fascinates me most in 2021

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(Image source: Future)

In addition to our 2021 Major Game Awards, every member of the PC Gamer team has focused on the games they love this year. For the rest of this month, we will release the new employee draft and our main awards.

I often feel guilty about being in a virtual environment for a few hours without actually seeing it. I’m not saying that I close my eyes while playing Far Cry 6 or Forza Horizon 5, but I experience them the way I have been accustomed for the past ten years: scanning them for map markers. The question mark is very prominent on the minimap and HUD in the game that I have explored for many years. Before I have a chance, I can decide what is interesting in its world.

Rick wrote in September that it’s time for open world games to abandon the question mark, and I agree. I did not consider the upcoming curiosity, but outsourced it to the instructor of the developer, assuming that anything that is not marked with a question mark is not worth pursuing. When I moved from one mark to another, my field of vision was so narrow that I couldn’t see anything at all.