Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes are your Madden NFL22 cover athletes

It is a great honor for the selected players to have a name on the cover of the Madden NFL each year. EA Sports and developer EATiburon nominate top players for the Madden NFL cover, despite long-standing superstitions that landing on the Madden Cover will guarantee a major recession and even injury during the season. Athletes continue to do every year. This year, developers are working a little differently to bring a cover of two rare athletes featuring quarterback Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes.

Interestingly, both Brady and Mahomes have appeared on the cover in recent years. Brady, the current quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, appeared on the cover of the Madden NFL 18 while at the New England Patriots, and Mahomes, the heart of the Kansas City Chiefs, was the face of the Madden NFL 20. Both athletes affected the Madden Cars in the 2017 season as Brady played as before and reached the Super Bowl that year (although his patriot lost to the Philadelphia Eagles). It doesn’t seem to be, but Mahomes brought it to the Super Bowl the year he appeared on the cover, but won the championship game and won the Super Bowl MVP honor.

With both Brady and Mahomes on the cover, the Madden NFL 22 features two of today’s NFL’s most iconic players, with many in recent memory of Brady as the greatest quarterback ever and Mahomes in recent memory. We consider it one of the best quarterbacks in. These two were also two quarterbacks in the Super Bowl LV earlier this year, with Brady’s Buccaneers winning and Brady winning the Super Bowl MVP award at the age of 43.

The Madden NFL22 will be available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia, and PC on August 20th. For more information on Madden’s next iteration and what it brings to the table, proceed to the full preview here.

Are you excited about the Madden NFL22? If you were a critic of last year’s game, what do you expect from this year’s game? What do developers think about bringing back the two cover athletes who were on the cover the previous year? Tell us your thoughts on the Madden NFL22, Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes cover, or the long-term football franchise in the comments below!