Tomb Raider’s Crystal Dynamics is developing Xbox’s exclusive Perfect Dark

In an unusual announcement, Microsoft revealed that its Perfect darkness Restarting got another developer. The game was officially released in December 2020 and was mainly developed by The Initiative, a new studio established by Microsoft as a naughty dog-level team.

On Friday, the initiative’s official Twitter account announced a new partnership with Crystal Dynamics, the developer of the restart of Tomb Raider, and most recently, the Marvel Avengers.

The studio did not say what this actually means, it’s just that the two teams will work together to develop a new perfect darkness.

“The team cannot miss the opportunity to collaborate. We are still in the early stages of development, but we are very happy to use this unique opportunity to realize the vision of Perfect Dark!” said the initiative.

This type of transaction is not uncommon in game development, because large projects usually require the help of a support studio to deal with specific aspects, such as art, multiplayer games, and other things the core team does not have time to do on their own, or enough experience.

Nevertheless, for such a big name, this announcement is unassuming. Quietly posted on Twitter on Friday. More details may appear in the future, but this news may worry some people, especially after some high-profile departures from The Initiative.

Perfect Dark is about to land on PC and Xbox Series X/S. It has not yet published a target.