Tomorrow’s Children’s reboot showcases the islands you’ve created with new competitions

Last November, Q-Games announced that its shuttered collaborative multiplayer game, Children of Tomorrow, would be raised from the grave. We still don’t know when players will be able to resume building islands as disturbing doll-like characters, but thanks to the new game, players have a chance to make new contributions to the experience.

Q-Games’ competitions invite players to design their own islands from scratch. You see, Children of Tomorrow is about rebuilding the world known as The Void with players after the new Soviet experiment went awry. The land takes the form of islands, and in order to carry forward the game’s spirit of contribution, you can customize one of them.

No game development experience required. If you have imagination and some decent artistic flair, then you are just as qualified as any other contestant. Your concept can be a drawing, a 3D model, or any visual representation you like. There are some rules to be aware of, which you can read in full here. The main stipulation is that the winners will not be paid for this and they will waive any intellectual property claims to their creations. However, the winner will be included in the game’s points. Designs with elements of plagiarism or explicit violence and/or sexuality will be disqualified, without a doubt.

You can start today by visiting Competition website. Submissions will close on February 1st and Q-Games will announce the winner on July 15th. Given that time frame, it’s likely that Tomorrow’s Sons won’t reboot in the first half of the year. We’ll have to see if it’ll be available again before the end of 2022, and if it’ll remain a PlayStation exclusive after Q-Games regains the rights.

What do you think of this game? Are you interested in entering? Let us know in the comments!