Top 10 Adventure Games to Play Right Now

Playstation 4

Annapurna Interactive

giant sparrow

April 25, 2017


Far from describing a game that includes adventure (which would include a lot of games!), the adventure genre is loosely defined as games that emphasize narrative and exploration rather than action, which may also rely on light puzzle-solving mechanics. In other words, a game doesn’t have enough simulation to be a simulation, action to be an action title, puzzle-solving to be a puzzle game, and… you get the idea. Despite the vague classification, games in this genre are undeniably incredible experiences, often exploring refreshing and engaging concepts. Shot for a game that’s popular right now in the zeitgeist, there are some types of towering giants not listed here. But, for anyone looking to see what today’s great experience is all about, feel free to peruse our alphabetical list of the best adventure games.


personal computer

Norco tells a gripping, sometimes disturbing, often darkly humorous tale set in surreal Louisiana. You play Kay, a young woman who returns home after many years to deal with the passing of her estranged mother. Strange things take a turn when your brother goes missing and Kay stumbles upon a supernatural mystery and an industrial conspiracy looming over the town. Norco has top-notch writing, unforgettable characters, and a captivating world that infuses its Deep South aesthetic with sci-fi elements. Best of all, the point-and-click puzzles are fun without being confusing, and the game offers plenty of guidance on what to do and what’s going on. Norco is an unforgettable Southern Gothic romp that adventure game fans should not miss. | Our Reviews

clever escape

Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC

Artful Escape is two seemingly incompatible things. On the one hand, it’s a well-founded story about accepting yourself, even if it means challenging what others think of you. On the other hand, it’s also a completely far-fetched musical adventure through the depths of psychedelic space. As contradictory as they may seem, the fantastical and related aspects of the interstellar epic work together and reinforce each other. The title (available on Xbox Game Pass) has lightweight platforming and rhythm game elements, but its gameplay isn’t the show’s highlight. Instead, this adventure is about exploring various amazing levels, including aliens and earthlings, while rocking evil guitar solos. These performances will make you believe it’s your mission to transform into a star-studded galactic rock star, including Jason Schwartzman, Karl Weathers and Lena Headey. | Our Reviews

before your eyes

personal computer

Try not to blink. This truly unique title caught on earlier this year and surprised us with its innovative and evocative approach to storytelling. The game uses the player’s webcam to play by blinking an eye. This unique mechanic is not only for its own sake, but actually supports the narrative that you, as the newly dead Benjamin Brin, examine the events of your life while being transported to the afterlife. You force the game to skip the protagonist’s personal history by blinking, even if you don’t mean to. This creates an immersive feel, unlike other games where you’re experiencing these flashbacks the way the protagonist really does, sometimes wishing it hadn’t gone by so quickly. | Our Reviews

Doki Doki Literature Club Plus

PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC

An updated version of Team Salvato’s 2017 release, Doki Doki Literary Club Plus provides players with schoolboy stories about love and literature, with enhanced visuals, fresh side story missions, more music and over 100 cards to play Unlocked image. Despite the game’s cute dating sim veneer, Doki Doki Literary Club Plus isn’t all bubblegum and rainbows as you might believe. It’s easy to be spoiled for someone who hasn’t experienced it, but if you know you’re sensitive to certain scenarios, Please check here For more information on accessing in-game content warnings. Anyone ready to join can look forward to writing some poetry, encountering endearing characters, and shockingly unexpected revelations.

Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC

Bizarre, dreamy, and real, Kentucky Route Zero will stay with you long after you put down the controller. It examines the broken promise of the American Dream as deliveryman Conway travels down a mysterious titular path. For his final assignment of the day, Conway, a Kentucky native, strays onto Route Zero and encounters struggling strangers battling substance abuse, poverty, and corporate expansion. These questions are all wrapped up in a surreal point-and-click package, where you can encounter both the unbelievable and the mundane. The game unfolds through a series of choices—like where to go, what to say, or what to believe—that advance the narrative and sometimes even alter aspects of the journey, if not the final destination. | Our Reviews

Life is Strange: True Colors

PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, Stadia, PC

Through the eyes of empathetic Alex Chen, you can see how those around you are feeling. Represented by a variety of colorful auras, superpowered protagonists can help others through the toughest of dilemmas and, in some cases, completely eliminate difficult emotions. However, Alex didn’t call himself a hero. After years of battling the foster care system, she’s convinced her gift is indeed a curse, marking her as a broken monster. It was only when she was reunited with her long-lost brother that her perceptions began to change. Following the path of Life Is Strange’s predecessor, True Colors is a moving exploration of human nature, with supernatural elements highlighting a character-centric narrative. Its gameplay consists primarily of moving around, interacting with objects and people in the world, and making personality and plot-defining decisions. | Our Reviews

night in the woods

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, iOS

Night of the Woods, which recently released on iOS, brings a new group of players to discover the dark secrets lurking in a seemingly cozy story. Originally launched in 2017, our review called it “a game about mistakes, recklessness and friendship, all wrapped up in a colorful adventure”. Cartoon-like character designs, vibrant color palettes, and simple mechanics might confuse players into thinking the game’s narrative would be easier, but Night in the Woods touches on a variety of difficult themes. The story begins when Mae, who just dropped out of college, reluctantly returns to her hometown. As she deals with her failure, she reconnects with old friends, community members, and her own family, before stumble upon an insidious mystery. | Our Reviews

outer wilderness

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC

Outer Wilds’ first and final DLC, called Echoes of the Eye, debuted only a few days ago, and the game is back on many gamers’ “play” lists during this busy release season. Developer Mobius Digital insists that the new content showcased at publisher Annapurna Interactive’s first homebrew showcase fits seamlessly with the original game’s narrative, while offering new mysteries to look for in the dark thorns. The base game is a time loop experience built around space exploration and the quest to prevent the destruction of the universe. Even if you don’t have 20 minutes to do it, it’s a daunting task. Death is a possibility, and will hit you in dizzying ways, like pumping all the oxygen out of your lungs, colliding with a planet, or a good, old-fashioned cliff roll. So, even for all its cosmic beauty, the experience can be a little frustrating. | Our Reviews


Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC

An amazing experience of player-driven exploration that Sable only released last week. You play as Sable, a young girl living in the desert world of Midden who is about to embark on her coming-of-age mission called Gliding. While this journey has one goal – basically collecting as many masks as possible – Sable really encourages you to venture into the world and see what you can find. You will find some amazing things. The world’s vibrant and stylish designs bring arid landscapes to life, while diverse NPCs keep giving you reasons to explore. Even without any specific missions to complete, the environment calls you to climb, glide and ride your motorcycle while investigating all the mysteries you see on the horizon. | Our Reviews

Edith Finch’s remains

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, iOS

Although originally launched in 2017, Remains of Edith Finch has continued to be released on new platforms and devices. It came to Switch in 2019, joined Game Pass in January, found a place in publisher Annapurna Interactive’s PS4 Box in February, and even hit iOS in August. So, this game is not to be missed. A short and contemplative walk through an unusual family home, Edith Finch’s remains weave together several vignettes of varying designs and mechanics, slowly revealing a narrative full of sadness, nostalgia, and family heritage. Every part of the story reveals how members of the Finch family died of a family curse – ranging from terrifying to fantastic. In his review, Joe Juba called it the “next big step forward” in adventure gaming, and the plot unfolds as players examine their surroundings and put them together with some of the greatest games in the genre . | Our Reviews

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