Top 10 games of 2021 selected by Game Informer

In Deathloop, everything is clicked for a moment. Not a specific moment. Each person may be at a different point in time, but in the end, the player will figure out the various puzzles and mechanisms of the game. Deathloop will finally click.

That particular moment alone is enough to ensure that the best game of the year is considered.

The premise of Deathloop is relatively simple: you are Colt, trapped on Blackreef Island, and Blackreef Island itself is trapped in a time loop. In order to get rid of this hell, you must kill eight targets and break the cycle. You must complete this operation within 24 hours. If you fail, you start over.

The explanation is simple, but the execution is detailed and complicated. In the first few hours of Deathloop, you fumbled with its weapons, power and complex levels, trying to live long enough to reach a goal; the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčkilling eight people felt like a daydream wrapped in wishful thinking .

Over time, this goal becomes controllable. Then finally, it clicked; all the puzzle pieces slid into place. The game no longer hinders you. Deathloop becomes your playground of destruction and bloodshed.

Deathloop excels in mechanical gains. Fly over the level that initially takes several hours, direct its actions, and finally complete the final robbery mission. This is a satisfying way that other games do not have.

After finishing the Deathloop, it’s hard to resist starting the second playback. We want to fly past those early levels that gave us headaches and continue to bend its world around our fingers. If you have enough patience to accept Deathloop’s rules and terms, once the game provides you with the key to the castle, there will be nothing else in the chaos that follows. | Our review