Top 10 horror games to play right now

When you ask someone what their favorite classic horror movie is, it’s most likely Exorcist Or something similar, or alien. If the latter is your answer, then Returnal is a game for you.Although it may not be described as horror in the first place-its action-heavy third-person shooter is located in the front and center-a few hours show that it is deeply rooted in sci-fi horror alien Terrible after more than 40 years. Returnal is about an astronaut caught in the loop of time. She hit an alien planet with only one pistol on her body. She had to fight hordes of enemy alien creatures and bosses to get farther and farther. If you die, the cycle starts from the beginning, and there are almost no items left from the last run. One of your goals is to figure out what’s going on, and then you do this by step by step towards the thought-provoking ending of the game. Returnal’s gameplay is excellent, but the horror of the alien planet, the exotic and terrifying atmosphere, and the mysteries contained in the reappearing and seemingly ordinary house will make you say “try again.”Don’t expect jumping panics, demons, ghosts, or straightforward storytelling, but with alien Let Ripley grow as close to death as possible almost at all times, and the return emphasizes how lucky you are to be alive, with only a little bit of health left after each encounter. | Our review