Top 10 music games to play now

No music game can make you as cool as Beat Saber. It is not only a rhythm game similar to guitar hero, but also a lightsaber simulator. Well, maybe Beat Saber developer Beat Games wouldn’t describe it as a lightsaber simulator, but like, please, you hit a neon block with a big lightsaber, it feels like Star Wars has encountered a wave field. It is also an absolute hot style. Beat Games’ original tracks are very optimistic and hyped, and it’s no harm that Beat Saber will entice you to do small exercises while playing the game. Add some tracks from real-world artists, such as Linkin Park, Panic! In The Disco, Timbaland, etc., not to mention the possibility of custom songs that appear when playing on PC, Beat Saber can easily become one of the best music games released over the years. | Our review