Top 10 open world games to play right now

The reason why “Breath of the Wild” is so magical is that it has organized the 3A open world design for many years. It does not use icons to tell you where to throw Hailaru, it allows players to open their own way. It has only one mandatory task: destroy Cannon. Since you can do this immediately, everything else is optional. Even the biggest games force you to stick to the path of the main linear narrative. In BOTW, the way one player kills Ganon may be completely different from another. Have you completed the four main dungeons? Looking for a master sword? Build your heart? The beauty of all this is that there are no wrong answers.

Link can climb any surface, that is to say, as long as you have physical strength, you can reach the top of any mountain and make countless paths to the destination. Hyrule also operates according to real physics and principles for players to experiment (that is, all metal objects are conductive). It has hundreds of temples, which contain simple and interesting puzzles and many mysteries, whether it is a majestic dragon or a dazzling island. The most important thing about Breath of the Wild Rock is to promote improvisation and creativity. As more and more games are borrowed from its scripts, such as Genshin Impact and Immortals Fenyx Rising, its legacy has been consolidated. | Our review