Top 10 puzzle games to play now

Ten years after its release, the play portal is still as interesting as ever. Portal 2 drew all the advantages of this short first-person puzzle game from Valve’s Orange Box, and built a substantial construction on this basis. The basis of portals relies on portal guns, which allow users to project two portals on surfaces such as walls, floors, ceilings, etc., allowing you to teleport from one to the other as if they were just doorways. After the Portal incident, the heroine of the series, Chell, had to escape from the Aperture Science facility again, and learned from its founder, Kevin Johnson, the company’s sometimes funny but always interesting history.

The portal gun game has a variety of new gameplay, including gravity, inertia, stupid sentient turret target system and so on. A viscous liquid called a gel can be used to paint test facilities, and each color substance can make Chell bounce, move faster, or place portals on surfaces where they are not normally intended to be secured. Portal 2 also has a completely independent cooperative battle, in which two players play robot roles named ATLAS and P-body. Cooperative mode requires as many creative problem solving, timing and coordination as single player levels, but requires two players. Do you want to start “thinking with the portal”? The best way to experience this classic puzzle on modern hardware is through the backward compatibility or always reliable PC version on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One X. | Our review