Toshiba to release 26TB HDDs this year, 30TB to come later

4k+ HDR films and giant modern games have made PC storage more demanding than ever. I never dreamed I’d fill a single 1TB HDD as a kid, and now I have multiple just laying around my house, too small to be worth taking up the space in my tower. One day we may even have Data crystals able to hold unfathomable amounts in cold storage. For now, Toshiba has laid out its roadmap for the future of HDDs.

A Business Wire press release (thanks Tom’s Hardware) outlines the company’s vision for the next five years. The ambitions include releasing a 26TB HDD in about 4 months time as well as a 30TB drive in 2023, followed by a whopping 40TB or more drive in five years time. Toshiba’s current high capacity drives cap out at 18TB, so this is going to be a significant step up.