Total War: Warhammer 3 will land on the PC version of Xbox Game Pass in February

Total War: Warhammer 3 It is the end of a large fantasy strategy trilogy on the PC, where six factions compete on a large battlefield. We now know that the game will be launched on February 17, 2022, It will be available on the PC version of Xbox Game Pass on the first day.

The premise of the game is that endless demons and monsters gush out from the chaotic realm, which is bad news for all participants. Players control the army and the lord to fight back against Chaos, showing some attractive options such as Cathay Pacific, Fantasy China Simulation and Russian Style Kislev. It led to exciting battles, with armored bears and dragon lords fighting monsters in the blue-green and pink horror landscape of the Chaos Realm.

The usual strategy formulas have some cool additions, such as the boss battle in the campaign mode, and some changes to the way the siege works. Players who pre-order or purchase the game in the first week will also get Ogre Kingdom as a free DLC add-on content; otherwise, fans will have to pay for the fun of the big boys.

When we release in February, there will be additional announcements about add-ons and other content, but the presence of the game on Xbox Game Pass means it will be relatively easy to provide Total War: Warhammer 3 Spin.The developer also Planning to bring the game to Mac and Linux “As close as possible to the release date”, but the specific date has not yet been announced.