Total War: Warhammer III shows off in the Grand Cathay trailer

Total War: Warhammer has recently been postponed from the original 2021 projected release window to 2022. Given that the gaming industry faces a lot of delays due to multiple factors, this is not surprising. Most prominently, the impact of COVID-19 on almost every aspect of the production pipeline and game development is a problem that most industry companies are still dealing with. Therefore, we will not play Total War: Warhammer III this year. However, there is a new trailer with many surprises, including Cathay Pacific. You can check it out below and see some very interesting/cool stuff in the third entry.

You can also check our review of Total War: Warhammer and Total War: Warhammer II here. Although the switch to the fantastic Warhammer series for Total War was initially considered a problematic proposal, the superior quality of these games shows that moving things away from pure history is an inspiring choice for the long-term PC series. What do you think of Total War: The Warhammer Game?