Tour our 10 best games of the year | Game Informant Live

We recently released the top 10 games of 2021.This list represents Game informant Editors, and bring highlights to the most outstanding books of the year.If you need to re-understand what makes these games so great, or just want to make a fun trip in your memory, please join us Twitch at 2pm Central Time When we browse some games in the list.

Will we break through the exiles in our annual game Halo: Infinite? Need two people to participate in a cooperative prank? Solve the mystery of Returnal’s time loop? You have to listen to find the answer. At the helm are editors and video game hosts Marcus Stewart and Ben Reeves, and we might even have one or two familiar faces.

We encourage you to join our wonderful Game informant The community is chatting. We will answer questions about each game and discuss the general process of determining the GOTY list.Subscribe to our Twitch channel will also give you access to the official Game informant Discord channel, where you can have countless interesting discussions with editors and the community. Until then, see you this afternoon!