Tower of Fantasy is a messy Genshin Impact with few ideas of its own

The most charitable way I can describe the Tower of Illusion’s relationship with Genshin Impact’s influence is to be “inspired”. It’s heavily inspired by the Hoyoverse’s anime character action games, and it’s easy to get away from it, as one of the many mobile clones you see in the commercials tries to convince you that they’re where the real players are. Its striking resemblance to Genshin is the hardest thing about it in its opening hours, kind of like trying to get over how Genshin felt about Breath of the Wild when it came out. But if you can grimace through it and curb your cynicism, the MMO-like system it introduces might be what sets it apart.

Tower of Fantasy copy-pastes many of Genshin Impact’s most impressive aspects, as well as the most shocking ones. Let’s take an inventory:

  • It’s an open world game where planets are attacked by monsters that inhabit camps all over the world.
  • Anime characters – in this case, mostly Evangelion refusal – must save the planet.
  • The aesthetic is bright and fantastical, yet as sci-fi and grim as 90s anime and another Hoyoverse action game, Honkai Impact 3rd.
  • It’s a gashapon game where you can hone your resources and routines just like your job, or pay real money for a chance to get one of these characters.
  • Even if you get one of the characters associated with their unique weapon, you’ll need to upgrade them to the same level as you are currently in the game.