Trailer for the new Ace Attorney Chronicle

Capcom plans to release Ace Attorney Chronicles on the Nintendo Switch system and other platforms on July 27, but not too far away. The game features an interesting and comprehensive mystery that spans two games, allowing Capcom to unleash a new five-minute trailer for a better look at the collection. The details directly from the Nintendo site are as follows.

Get ready to shout “Opposition”. Fight in Victorian London and Japanese courts!

Immerse yourself in the dramatic yet fascinating and witty world of evidence gathering, deduction and court battles in this double pack of rookie lawyer Ryuunosuke’s adventures.

Set in Japan and England in the second half of the 19th century, each title is full of five Murder mysteries full of all the dramas, laughter, twists, and “turn about” that are expected of Ace Attorney’s legal labyrinth heritage. Contains episodes. Joining Ryuichi Naruhodo, the ancestor of Ryuichi Naruhodo, the mainstay of the series, a series of tricky trials while trying to uncover the secrets behind an international criminal conspiracy and solve a nasty cold case. Work on. Dozens of hours of lawyer action await you!

In each case, before proceeding to court, they talk to witnesses, examine evidence and clues, and try to infer the sneaky intent behind the crime. In court, we listen to testimony, cross-examine witnesses, and present evidence. And, of course, if you can’t shout “There is an objection!”, It won’t be a game of Ace Attorney. When it is known to have the facts and evidence necessary to prove the client’s innocence, inconsistent with the prosecution’s allegations.

The game includes useful assistance in case you get stuck in an investigation, so even if this is your first Ace Attorney game, you can easily enter the adventures of an amateur detective! Can you break these clever cases? The game is in progress!