Transformers arrived at Smite today

Cooperation is everywhere! Naruto in Fortnite. Ed Sheeran in Pok√©mon Go. Anime in World of Warships. When these things collide, the world becomes more interesting, isn’t it? They are everywhere! Today, Transformers came to Hi-Rez moba Smite. Over the years, Smite has a large amount of cross-cutting materials, from “Legend of Kola” to “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”. Today, as Autobots enter the land of the gods, the brand roster is getting bigger and bigger. As with other collaborations, the new skin covers the existing gods, so don’t expect to actually get tailored Optimus Prime moves or anything, even though you will look stylish.

The skins you can get include Geb’s Optimis Prime, Ra (!)’s Megatron, and Jing Wei’s Starscream. Of these three, you definitely want Megatron one, right? In any case, Ra is funny, so it would be interesting to think of him as Megatron. You can view more trailers here!