Trial mod restores actors removed by Sega

When the Yakuza spinoff Judgment hit theaters in Japan, it was called Judge Eyes, the captain of the Songkin family, and the voice and face capture of Kyohei Hamura, a major character in the crime thriller, was provided by singer and actor Pierre Taki. Three months later, Judgment was pulled from sale and then re-released, completely wiping out Taki’s involvement. Hamura’s face was transformed, and his voice was re-recorded by another actor, Mio Tanaka.

By our standards, the scandal that saw Taki put in a memory box might seem unremarkable: He was arrested for cocaine.However, Japan’s zero-tolerance approach to drug use is serious business, and possession of cocaine can lead to seven years in prison (opens in new tab)although Taki eventually gets 18 months probation (opens in new tab). He was dumped by his record label Sony, which removed all of his band’s music from stores and streaming services, and Disney pulled the Japanese DVD of Frozen – in which he voiced Olaf the Snowman – Stop selling. Taki also voiced Olaf in Kingdom Hearts 3, but he was also removed in the patch.