Triangle strategy brings March switching strategy

When Project Triangle Strategy was announced earlier this year, it topped many highly anticipated lists due to its tactical RPG gameplay and beautiful high-definition 2D visual effects reminiscent of Octopath Traveler. In today‚Äôs Nintendo Direct demo, we not only learned more about the game, but also learned about the release date and final name. Just as Project Octopath Traveler simply became Octopath Traveler in the final version, Project Triangle Strategy also deleted “Project” as Triangle Strategy.

In Triangle Strategy, you guide your character through a story full of choices. It sounds like it has multiple endings, depending on the decisions you make during the narrative process. The task of the triangle strategy is to command a group of fighters, and your choice will support one of the following three beliefs: unity, morality, and freedom. You play as the leader of the squad, Serenoa. Your choice will change Serenoa’s worldview and can change the story. Characters weigh their ideas at key decision points and vote on the belief scale. At these moments, your choice can change the history of the Norzelia continent.

The battle consists of turn-based tactical battles, where your position and strategic position are important aspects to keep in mind. You can place units in higher terrain to control the battlefield and gain a greater range of advantages, or pinch the enemy from both sides and launch powerful follow-up attacks from behind. You can also use elemental chain reactions, such as melting ice into water with fire, and then electrocuting enemies with lightning before pushing them into the water.

In February of this year, Square Enix released a demo version of the game, and then conducted a survey on the players’ thoughts. Square Enix used this feedback to make numerous changes to the final game. These changes include difficulty adjustments to simple, default and difficult settings; improvements to screen visual effects; camera angle control; ability to view previous dialogs to better inform your choices; streamlined game flow; and better loading time.

Triangle Strategy will land on Nintendo Switch on March 4.