“Triangle Strategy” will land on Switch on March 4, 2022, and a physical limited edition will be launched in Europe

Square Enix’s previously announced HD-2D tactical RPG project triangle strategy has received its final name and release date in the new trailer shown in today’s Nintendo Direct. Now referred to as “Triangle Strategy” for short, the game will be launched on the Nintendo Switch platform on March 4, 2022.

Due to fans’ reaction to the demo version released earlier this year, the developers added some quality of life changes. Difficulty adjustments, UI improvements, camera angle control, the ability to view previous conversations, and simplified game flow and loading time have all been added to provide a better gaming experience.

The collector’s edition called “Tactician’s Limited Edition” has also been released in Europe, on the same day as the standard edition. It will include; a physical copy of the game, a steel book, a set of 6 custom dice, a pair of collectible playing cards, a double-sided poster and a “Oreal Diary” collection box.