Trophies and achievements-Deathloop walkthrough

There are 55 trophies and achievements to earn Endless loopBelow, you will find a list of all 55 and their descriptions divided into five categories. We have linked to our other guides to help you get some more difficult guides.

A visionary trophy of death cycle

There are 17 trophies and achievements with Endless loopOf eight visionaries-mainly different ways of killing them.

  1. Eight-piece set. When playing Colt, kill Frank. Or Charlie. Or Fia. It’s Wenjie. Or Alexis. Or Harriet. Yegor will do the same.
  2. Ensemble tragedy. Kill every visionary at least once.
  3. Alpha Burger. Kill Alexis with his meat grinder.
  4. Power chords. Use the Slab skill to kill Frank. take a bow.
  5. Judgment day. Kill Harriet with poison gas.
  6. game over. Kill Charlie within the rules of conditional separation.
  7. Quantum solutions. Kill all versions of Wenjie in 90 seconds. simple.
  8. People who are not so invisible. Kill Egor when he is affected by the invalid.
  9. Did not see it coming. Kill Fia without causing a fatal reaction.
  10. The joy of violence. Kill Charlie and Fia with a bullet.
  11. Ghost of the feast. Kill 3 targets at Alexis’s party without being seen. Satisfy Updaam and know that you make the party better.
  12. God of OSP Enter an empty map and kill all visionaries. Leave the map. handwashing.
  13. More powerful than a gun. Kill all visionaries in the map without using a gun-and make it reach the exit.
  14. Silent disco. Get in and out of the map without being spotted-and kill all visionaries present.
  15. Only sinners. Kill all visionaries in the map and escape without killing any eternalists.
  16. Clean hands. Kill all visionaries in a cycle-no eternalists.
  17. Play again, Colt. After completing a game, kill all visionaries on the map and escape.

Death loop game and collectible trophies

These 16 Endless loop Trophies and achievements are an all-encompassing thing. You will get some revenue from potential customers who complete the game. You will win others by survival. Others involve some game secrets and collectibles. Like we said: all-encompassing.

  1. Good morning, Blackreef! Escape to Updaam.
  2. Welcome to Black Lagoon. Complete the “longest day”.
  3. Dangerous contact person. Complete “Afternoon Joy”.
  4. She couldn’t refuse the offer. Complete “What Wenjie Wants”.
  5. Self-phobia. Complete “Lost in Transmission”.
  6. Baby, you are fireworks. Complete “Lamblin Song” Frank.
  7. Beyond the horizon. Complete “Radio Silence”.
  8. A perfect day. Complete “End It”.
  9. Long live all. Survive all 4 time periods in one day.
  10. Know your enemy. Complete an AEON file.
  11. Clean up. Kill everyone and escape in a period of time.
  12. You only die once. Wear ClassPass to complete the entire cycle.
  13. Charlie Montagu game. Win Charlie’s Wake-up Challenge, Rewards Program, Moxie, Haul-A-Quinn, and Yerhva to prove that you are a real gamer.
  14. Old habits are hard to change. Enter 0451 on the keyboard.
  15. Death suit. Kill (mostly) naked characters in each map.
  16. Into eternity. Collect all other trophies.

Deathloop weapons, Slab, Trinket and Infusion trophies

There are nine trophies and achievements related to weapons, stairs, trinkets or infusions.

  1. Die, die, die again. After obtaining Reprise, truly die-or die in the loop.
  2. Dead drop. Absorb residue from the body-like some kind of time sponge.
  3. Residual income. Absorb more than 20,000 residues in one map.
  4. Always belongs to you. Inject a flat plate.
  5. at all costs. When playing as Colt, have all the upgrades of Slab.
  6. Suitable for all occasions. When playing as Colt, bring 36 different accessories to the battlefield.
  7. Spoiled choice. Inject one for each type of weapon.
  8. Bling Bling Bang Bang. Equipment worth more than 45,100 Residuum.
  9. Full deck. Without any empty slots or slots, use the full load to kill a visionary and then escape the map.

Deathloop creative kill trophy

These 10 trophies and achievements are a fun and creative (or destructive, really) way to deal with your enemies.

  1. Tearing and tearing. As Colt, he caused a truckload of damage to the eternalists in a catastrophe.
  2. Blink. As Colt, use Shift to transport an enemy onto the mine.
  3. Forward: Forward: Forward: Pain. As Colt, use Nexus to transport damage to more than 20 meters.
  4. Death is in the air. Play as Colt and perform 3 aerial headshots on enemies you launch with Karnesis.
  5. Don’t mind me. When using Ether as Colt, kill 3 enemies without disturbing nearby enemies.
  6. The spice of life. Die like Colt: drown. fall. Choked by poison gas. Succumbed to fatal decompression. Was bombed to death. shooting. Stabbed. Grounding gas. It was blown up by a rocket. Oh, wiped out by the reactor. Isn’t it fun?
  7. Gas cooking. When playing as Colt, ignite the gas cloud when someone is inside.
  8. Sugar crumbles. When playing as Colt, use candies to gain a tactical advantage.
  9. Chop. Kill 3 enemies with a machete in 10 seconds.
  10. Oops. When playing Colt, make someone fall to death.

Death Cycle Multiplayer Trophy

The last three trophies and achievements involve multiplayer games.

  1. There is nowhere to escape. Kill the invading Juliana while playing Colt.
  2. Nowhere to hide. While playing as Juliana, remove Colt from your kill list.
  3. Rebuke. As Juliana, using a masquerade will disguise yourself as Colt.