Try the Cold War tactics of Regiments in the free game test

How about your large-scale single player RTS in the classic Cold War German conflict scene? group When it is released in 2022, there will be a dynamic battle on a large-scale war in the east-west German border area in 1989. This is a fairly large-scale game designed to allow you to control platoons rather than individual squads or units, allowing you to play the role of a commander instead of a lieutenant or sergeant.

Currently, the Legion is conducting a Beta game test of its larger-scale combat mode. Combat is a large-scale conflict that lasts for many days, during which changes and losses on the battlefield will continue. As the battle progresses, you will have to use points to replenish your troops or recruit reinforcements. This is a good idea, I like that the wreckage of the damaged vehicle or the fortifications you placed will last for several days. Well-positioned battle positions or tank traps can be invaluable.