Tunic – Today’s new gameplay

Some games stop on the track the moment you first see them. Titles such as Sable, Solar Ash, and Cris Tales have such a unique visual style, but they are nothing more than tunics. Solo developer Andrew Shouldis has set out to create an impressive ode to past 2D Zelda titles, but it’s far from the big picture of this gorgeous new action title.

As part of this year’s ID @ Xbox demo event, Master Chief’s House has unfolded a number of new playable experiences featuring some of the most exciting indies coming out since 2021. As part of that, Marcus Stewart, Ben Reeves and Alex Stadnick check out the tunics and share their thoughts with the lovely GI community.

One of the most striking aspects of the game right away is the deceptive difficulty of the game. When you launch the demo, it quickly becomes clear that the player is unable to stay alive by spamming the attack button. Gamers need to carefully block, roll, and choose their attacks, especially as their enemies grow and grow in number. It feels like a Dark Souls game not only in deliberate combat (but not so punished), but also in checkpoint systems, how to handle death, and building a mysterious world. If you’re curious about what it really looks like, we’ll show you more in this fun episode of today’s new gameplay!

Unfortunately, Tunic hasn’t been released yet, but we know that Andrew Shouldice’s exciting new indie titles are coming soon on Xbox (and Game Pass) and PC!

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