Turbo Overkill delivers true FPS innovation: Chainsaw Legs

In 1987, The Evil Dead 2 introduced the chainsaw arm. Now, 35 years later—almost my whole life— chainsaw legs It finally arrived and I’m happy to say that the wait was worth it.

I didn’t know one of my legs was the chainsaw in Turbo Overkill until I read the leg chainsaw tutorial, so it was a pleasant surprise. You use it by sliding towards enemies on the ground, extending the chainsaw legs like a baseball player sliding into the base. Except, imagine that these baseball players could somehow slide from base to base. This is the range on the slide. The ability was introduced at the indoor skate park so you could practice going uphill to get faster, and that’s the moment I knew I’d be in the Turbo Overkill — about two minutes into the race.