Turn your real-world steps into in-game walks with this app

Have you ever played a game on your PC and wondered what it would be like to walk through the fantasy world of Night City in Cyberpunk or Los Santos in GTA V? Want to leave the WASD keys or PS4 keyboard behind and explore with your own two feet?along with STEPL Mobile Appthat dream may not be too far away.

Posted in r/game Recently by the indie developers behind STEPL, you can see a mysterious pair of legs moving up and down in place, causing characters from Cyberpunk 2077, GTA V and Horizon: West End to start wandering around! With a controller in one hand handling the right analog stick, and a phone in your pocket, it looks like the app lets you put on your favorite characters’ shoes (it’s not like a racing game, of course).

You can watch the STEPL game demo for yourself here!

Jumping to the Youtube video description, STEPL appears to be an exercise tool: “STEPL is a great workout motivator, and if you play for hours instead of walking or forcing yourself to exercise, it can keep you healthy while you gamble. Keep your phone in your pocket, and when you take the appropriate steps, your character will also take a step forward.” This is reflected in Official website It also supports goals such as saving time for users, helping to improve exercise motivation, and helping people live longer.

All in all, it’s a cool app, and while it’s clearly intended as a workout aid, it can be a big part of the mysterious dream of fully immersive gaming that’s been lingering in the minds of nerds for decades. Already in comments on Youtube and Reddit, people are excited about the concept of combining STEPL with other hardware such as VR headsets in pursuit of the ultimate experience.

Explore places like Night City for yourself! What could go wrong?

Does something like STEPL sound exciting to you? Which games would you like to explore in your two shoes? Or don’t you see the appeal of sweating during limited gaming R&R sessions? Let us know below!