Tweak these God of War settings for divine performance and visuals

The one-time Playstation exclusive God of War is finally on our beloved PC. Promising higher frame rates, better visuals, and better control based on your posture, it’s the best way to play this beloved game. The good news is that it does work well on a range of hardware and resolutions.

Morgan enjoyed a mostly consistent 90fps at 1080p on his RTX 3060 in review, and while testing here, I enjoyed a decent 4K 50fps on the RTX 2080. Lowering the resolution to 1440p results in 80fps, 1080p reverts to 120fps. Higher frame rates are possible when you dig into the plethora of upscaling technologies on offer, both DLSS and FSR.

God of War: Best Settings

(Image credit: Sony)

Let’s focus on which settings have the biggest impact on frame rate at the resolution you’re running at. You’ll find these options under the Graphics menu on the main settings screen, just cycle through the custom presets and you’ll be able to choose between Ultra, High, Original and Low. If you have fairly up-to-date hardware, you should be able to set all settings to Ultra or High depending on your resolution.

What are the best settings for God of War on PC?

shadow: original
atmosphere: low
Anisotropic filtering: low
Ambient Occlusion: original
Model quality: High
Texture Quality: extremist
think: extremist