Twenty-one pilots’ tour debut wins international applause

From September 17th to 19th, 21 pilots performed a groundbreaking interactive virtual concert experience on the Roblox on the virtual stage, sky and garage.The five-song interactive and evolving concert attracted people from more than 160 countries/regions, and nearly 70% of the attendees came from outside the United States to start the band’s sell-out Take over the journey With an exclusive virtual concert in Metaverse, fans can choose their order of performance for the first time! If you missed it, you can find a recording of the full show below.

Band members Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun performed their hit song “Saturday” on the street, kicking off the concert. Fans brought the black and white streets to life by throwing painted balloons on the stage and spray painting the brick walls with signs and icons. Throughout the show, the avatar dances to the beat with customized expressions and decorates itself with customized virtual goods (“verch”), including more than 30 exclusive customized designs available for purchase.

As the high-fidelity experience continues, fans vote for the next song to determine the playlist for the first time.During the performance that caused the artist to sell out Take over the journeyWhen they played drums and piano in “Car Broadcast”, fans learned to fly, Taylor and Josh played drums and piano in “Car Broadcast” and experienced anti-gravity while dancing with “Outside”. They can sway in the warehouse that they can complete until the “infidels” are challenged to increase the size by 10 times and knock over furniture and other objects during the “stressful” period, and spin records in the minds of artists in outer space. You can view the full version of the concert here:

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Before the start of the show, users have a unique opportunity to participate in the pre-concert missions of the Transyuan Festival, which includes some of the most popular experiences on Roblox-Ultimate Driving: Westward Islands, Sonaria’s Creatures and the World/ / Zero-There were more than 400 million visits before the concert, and now it is close to 500 million. These missions enable users to receive 21 pilot prizes and include a gateway between transporting users to the pre-concert venue a few days before the concert and the experience across the Roblox meta-universe.

To create this experience, the Warner Music Group and Roblox team gathered to film the band’s performance. In order to reflect the artist’s movements in Metaverse, Taylor and Josh wore suits and helmets to track the band’s facial expressions and body movements to achieve lifelike performances. Check out some behind-the-scenes highlights from the motion capture shooting here:

Tyler and Josh are fascinated by their fans, so they make sure to spend some time as their avatars ToggAndJog and JogAndTogg jumping on the server and meeting fans from all over the world in Metaverse. They also held a question and answer session on the platform for fans, which can be conducted before the show starts. If you missed it, you can hear Taylor and Josh directly here:

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High-fidelity experience is an immersive creative collaboration that brings people together through music and technology. With the concert experience of 21 pilots, Roblox provides a platform for the band to reach millions of fans simultaneously in an ultra-immersive environment. As Tyler and Josh said, we are very enthusiastic.