Twitch confirms that the large-scale leak is real because it is scrambling to understand its extent

This is an unexpectedly eventful week twitch, For all wrong reasons. Yesterday, an anonymous hacker released more than 125GB of data, which they claimed contained the entire source code of Twitch.

The scale of the leak was so large that it included the SDK of the website and its application, the plans of Steam competitor Vapor, the payment for the platform’s top streaming media, and a lot of other privileged information.After initially making no statement, Twitch has Confirm now “A violation has occurred” and promised to start an investigation to understand the extent of the damage.

A few hours later, Twitch shared more information Blog post, Revealing that “certain data” was leaked due to an error in its server configuration changes. This unfortunate mistake allowed hackers to access Twitch’s servers.

“Because the investigation is ongoing, we are still in the process of understanding the impact in detail. We understand that this situation has caused concerns, and we hope to resolve some of these issues while the investigation continues,” Twitch said.

The company added that although the investigation is still ongoing (we still recommend that you change your password and enable 2FA), it has “no indication” that user login credentials were part of the leak. Credit card information has not been exposed, because Twitch does not store credit card numbers.

Twitch promises to share regular updates as the investigation reveals more information.