Twitch confirms that the source code, payment number, user information, etc. have been leaked

Twitch responded to reports of large-scale data breaches, confirming that such breaches did indeed occur.

Chronicles of Video Games The first report said that earlier today, an anonymous hacker posted a 125GB 4chan link containing user information, payment amount, source code, proprietary services, etc. The publication confirmed that the files posted on 4chan were downloadable, and it received a message from an “anonymous company” stating that the files were legal. Nevertheless, there is no official news from Twitch, and it has not been confirmed.

Now, Twitch has confirmed that the leak is real, which means that millions of personal data are available for download.according to VGC, All the source code of Twitch has been leaked, including the “back to the early days” comment history. In addition, streaming media spending data in 2019 and Twitch’s own internal security tools and proprietary services were also leaked.

Basically, all Twitch content has been leaked. If you are reading this article and have a Twitch account, now is a good time to change your password and enable two-factor authorization.

At the time of writing, Twitch only posted a tweet about the leak, although it did state that it would update the community as more information was provided.according to VGC, The leaker stated that the 125GB leak is the first part of more content they plan to leak, although they did not specify what the additional content is and when it may be released.

[Source: VGC, Twitch]