Twitch creates a new category of hot tab streams

Since the hot tub stream started in March, there has been controversy on Twitch over people streaming in bikinis while in the hot tub. In response to complaints from both viewers and advertisers, Twitch is currently creating a stream-only category of hot tubs (pool, hot tub, beach).

“If you choose a swimsuit that is allowed in’Swimming and Beach’ Context exception It should be streamed to the pool, hot tub, and beach categories according to standard nudity and clothing policies. ” Twitch said in a blog post on Friday..

The company also said that hot tub streams do not violate or avoid Twitch’s policies, except for the ban on nudity and “sexually explicit content.” “We don’t violate our rules if we find it sexy to others. Twitch is attractive and coercive to women and those who participate in our service. We will not take any action, “says Twitch.

In a blog post, Twitch admitted that creating a new hot tub category was a temporary solution, but said it would “solve some issues for all viewers in the short term.”

For one thing, the streamer Just Chatting to categorize hot tab streams into a wide range of categories.. The vaguely defined section contains all sorts of non-gaming content, from building Lego to commentary streams, making it one of the most popular. Popular categories on Twitch..

On Twitch, categories help viewers browse the stream and find what they want to see. For example, if you want to watch a DJ broadcast live, you can select a music category and see what’s there. Moving the hot tab stream to its own category “provides more ways to control where recommended content and ads appear,” Twitch said. In other words, it allows viewers viewing the Just Chat section to avoid hot tab streams and prevents advertisers from seeing ads in those streams.

Earlier this week, Twitch removed ads from the channel of Amouranth, a leading streamer known for its hot tub stream. According to Amouranth, this decision is an indefinite suspension of advertising, meaning that you can no longer earn advertising revenue from the stream, whether it’s a hot tab stream or not. On Tuesday’s Twitter thread, She cautioned that Twitch needs to clarify the issue.

“Twitch has full discretion to target individual channels and monetizes content that is considered” not advertiser friendly “partially or entirely. No guidelines have been given for this. This frees the question of where to draw the line. ” She said..

In a statement to Polygon, Twitch officials gave advertisers control over where their ads appear on Twitch, making it wrong to monetize some streamers without notice. It says that it was. “In this case, we suspended ads from some channels at the advertiser’s request,” a spokeswoman said in an email. “At the time, we didn’t warn the affected creators. We should have done so. Creators depend on us.”

The new category doesn’t fix anything about monetized content. In a blog post, Twitch acknowledges details about how creators created it, saying, “We need to help creators understand what’brand safe’means to advertisers.” Classify streams better.

“These are long-term solutions that take time to build and implement, as well as policy updates that imply sexuality,” Twitch said.