Twitch launches new verification steps to combat hate attacks

In order to curb the wave of hate attacks, twitch Some have been deployed New verification tool This promises to make it harder for bad actors to disrupt the stream and give streamers better control over who can join their chat.

Twitch is adding a phone verification chat feature, which allows anchors and their moderators to restrict access to live chats only to viewers who verify their phone numbers. The company is also updating its existing email verification system.

The idea is that the two can be used together to verify as much as possible that the audience is a real person, which should help keep the robot away. Each phone number allows users to use up to five Twitch accounts, but if one account is suspended by Twitch, the remaining accounts will also disappear. Moreover, if one account is banned by a particular channel, other accounts will also be banned.

The host and the module can ask all chatters to do this, or only ask for the first chat. They can further customize the filter to specifically restrict users with new accounts (set account age) and users who have not followed the channel for a certain period of time. The new feature is turned off by default, and creators can even choose to exempt certain members.

Finally, Twitch is developing better tools to combat the ban on evasion, which will be launched in the next few months.

Hate raid is a term that refers to the behavior of homophobia, racism, sexism, and various abusive behaviors in the anchor’s chat. The people behind this rely on a large number of bot networks that create Twitch accounts and help them target any streaming media they want. However, usually the victims are small anchors from marginalized groups, which has ruined the anchors of many of them.

In recent weeks, this trend has risen so sharply that some anchors are considering leaving the platform altogether. Twitch has had standard technology companies’ responses to this question before; just point users to the platform’s existing reporting tools​​, and I’m glad to see more targeted work is being done.