Twitch reset the stream key after a major hack, just to be cautious

twitch It has been announced that the stream keys have been reset for all hosts on the platform. The company notified the anchor via email and revealed more information about the move on its blog.

Under convulsions, The reset of the stream key is “out of prudent consideration”. This is after Twitch’s statement after it began investigating the cause of its large-scale data breach earlier this week. Obviously, the setting error is how hackers can access Twitch’s servers.

Twitch stated that everything should be business as usual for streaming media using Twitch Studio, Streamlabs, and mobile apps from PlayStation, Xbox, and Twitch. This is also true for OBS users, although those who have not yet connected their Twitch account to OBS will need to manually enter the new stream key.

The stream key is a unique code that can be used in each host’s Twitch dashboard. This page also contains the setting instructions of streaming media software not mentioned above.

So far, Twitch has been tight-lipped about this incident. In addition to confirming that no user data was found to be part of the leak, the company has not stated when the leak occurred, nor has it really explained the extent of its impact.

We will inform you in time.