Twitch source code, streamer revenue information leaked-report

look like twitch Has become the victim of an anonymous hacker who claimed to have obtained a large amount of data about the streaming platform, including source code, Twitch’s mobile, desktop and console clients, passwords, streaming media payment information, and more.

The leak originated from 4chan, and the users responsible for publishing the information pointed out that their intention to upload this information was to destroy the online video streaming space and cited Twitch’s “toxic” community as an incentive.

If you have a Twitch account, it’s best to change your password or enable two-factor authentication to protect your account and payment details.

VGC According to the report, “an anonymous company source stated that the leaked data is legal”, although Twitch has not yet provided an official statement at the time of writing.

The leak is substantial: it includes the source code of the website, which can be traced back to the earliest stages of the platform’s life, and the company’s internal Twitch tool used by the company to pretend to be a hacker to test the security of the website. However, there are obviously some oversights.

The leak also contains Large amounts of data (Punny) Regarding the spending of creators, but it’s worth noting that these are slightly outdated and dated to 2019. So don’t just look at surface value.

Also mentioned an unreleased Steam and Epic Games Store competitor, which is Code Steam, This seems to be a work in Amazon Game Studios. It seems to naturally integrate many Twitch features and host a game called Vapeworld (also unannounced and unreleased), which may be a VR center and social space.

According to the leaker, this is only the first batch of information that has been obtained-although details about other content being hacked and when it was released remain to be seen.

VG247 can confirm that the file exists as part of the 125GB seed, but we have not yet downloaded the data.

This is just the latest in a long list of issues that plague the platform-recently, we have seen Twitch launch a new verification step to combat hate attacks, and the company is considering allowing viewers to pay to advertise streaming channels.