Twitch streams show otters in the pool, hot tub, and beach categories

On Friday, Twitch announced a new category for people who wear and stream swimsuits called pools, hot tubs, and beaches. Sure, many swimsuit streamers are in the recent category, but new types of content creators are beginning to abuse the hot tub meta. Adorable rescued otter..

The Vancouver Marine Mammals Rescue Center and its rescued otters are technically performing live streams within the hot tub category. If you look at the stream, you’ll see that you’re doing all sorts of cute things, such as splashing water, flipping underwater, and biting toys. If they are inactive, they may also get cold by floating on their backs. They are all just doing their little otter.

It’s fun to see them next to everyone hanging out in a swimsuit, but it’s actually a really smart use in this category. The grouping is new and many will likely go looking for the flow of traditional hot tubs, but it seems to be the focus of otters. At the time of the press, the small otter had about 1,700 viewers, making the channel the third most watched in this category.

Of course, Twitch’s animals aren’t new. South Africa’s animal sanctuary hosts live streams featuring wildlife such as leopards and cape squirrels, and Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium shares a video of penguins patrolling the museum. But what makes otters stand out is that the handlers who manage the streams at the Marine Mammal Rescue Center are leaning towards the controversial hot tub category. The title of the broadcast jokes that the animal has a “THIC CEST FUR” and that it is a “HOT TEST” stream. This shows how a human streamer formats a broadcast in all capital letters, if not infinite.

Otters live streams are a fun and cute way to connect people and animals when it’s difficult to get to a zoo or aquarium.