Twitch sues hate attackers | PC gamers

Twitch has filed a lawsuit against two “hate attackers”, claiming that they have been targeting marginalized streamers with “racist, sexist and homophobic language and content” despite efforts to stop them. The exact identity of the hate attackers is not yet known-they are known as aliases for CruzzControl and Creatine Overdose-but both are believed to live in Europe.

A “hate raid” is an organized attack on Twitch channels in which bots flood chats with slander, threats and abuse. This has been a problem for several months, but it didn’t cause widespread concern until August, when the streamers planned a one-day boycott of the platform, using the hashtag #ADayOffTwitch to protest their belief that Twitch lacked meaningful action to solve the problem. It worked.了: Although few big-name anchors participated, Twitch’s ratings dropped significantly on the day of the protest.