Twitch will soon let viewers pay to advertise streaming channels

twitch Announced a new Promote Features that allow viewers to basically pay to promote their favorite streaming media channels. When this happens, the relevant channel will be recommended to the wider Twitch community under the “Recommended Channels” section.

Twitch developers talked about Boost in the patch notes developer livestream yesterday, confirming that the feature is being rolled out to a selected number of users as the team gathers feedback. For now, viewers can purchase “recommendations”, in the example, 3,000 such “impressions” are provided at a price of $2.97.

Although this has obvious benefits for smaller anchors who can rely on their community to gain exposure on Twitch, this move has aroused a lot of criticism from anchors and viewers. Putting aside the moral dilemma of advertising for other people’s work, this concept is similar to a view robot, which is a process provided by a shady company, through this process to increase the number of views of the stream, so as to use robots and scripts on Twitch To get a more favorable position on the homepage.

Twitch has never completely solved this problem, but in recent years it has made great strides in combating view robots. Unfortunately-for the time being-Boost is designed to work on all channels, which means that a large number of channels can also use it to maintain prominence while leaving smaller channels in their original positions.

The idea of ​​Boosting is actually no stranger to Twitch. The platform tried out a version of Boost last year, but it relied on viewers’ channel credits instead of real money.